KML layers are not showing up in my application

08-25-2016 03:50 AM
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I added 2 different KML layers from a public website, they are showing correctly in the web viewer but in my application, one is not showing at all and one is showing only 3 items on a total of 50. I can see both layers in WebMapViewModel.OperationalLayers, IsVisible is true

Both KML are small (<200 kb)

Can someone help me with that?

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Can you provide a repro with the layers that you are trying to use?

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I just tried some random kml and they are working fine on the web viewer:

All other layer types are working fine --> this is is not showing at all --> this one I can see 3 states on the map

_portal = await ArcGISPortal.CreateAsync(new Uri(m_portalServerUrl));

var item = await ArcGISPortalItem.CreateAsync(_portal, wmId);

var webmap = await WebMap.FromPortalItemAsync(item);

m_mapViewModel = await WebMapViewModel.LoadAsync(webmap, _portal);

var view = new MapView();

view.Map = m_mapViewModel.Map;

like I said, everything else is working.

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