Identify Offline Features/ Offline Printing

03-30-2015 04:22 PM
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I have two different questions.

First, is there any way to export offline map (current view) directly from the app to Jpeg or pdf? I'm using only local data as tkp, mpk, runtime geodatabase and also runtime geodatabse from feature service.

The other question is about the best way to identify (or query the attributes) features in my app - it has to be offline. I'd need to identify my editable layers (the ones from feature service) as well as the non-editable ones from runtime geodatabase (created as runtime content from mxd).

Users need to be able to see some attributes of these layers. Should I use Feature Data Form or Hit Testing or anything else?

Also the "MapTapped" is already used for selecting editable features for editing geometry, it might be better to have some kind of identify button?

Thanks in advance for pointing me in the right direction,


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