I have few question about upgrading from the old wpf api to the new .Net

05-20-2015 11:19 PM
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1. is there any option to know when the map is fully loaded?

with the old wpf api we used to had event that showed us the progress of the map and we didnt find something like it on the new one.

2. i found this .net toolkit on the esri github

Esri/arcgis-toolkit-dotnet · GitHub

but im missing the Navigation control, did anyone already migrate it?  

3. on the old wpf api we had zoom duration for controlling how fast and smooth the map will "slide", is there any way to do it now? will the MapView.SetViewSync can accomplish the same result?

4. What will be the best way to export the map into image, but im talking about high resolution export. like A0 or even bigger

5. on the old wpf api the GraphicsLayer was an UIElement and we had access to MouseRightClick and some more UI events, but now ESRI implement it differently and we dont have access to the right click from the layers.

what will be the best practice to do it now?

we used to open different menu for each graphic layer and do some manipulation on the layer


Shahar Bukra

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