How to specify OutFields?

05-09-2018 12:25 PM
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I am upgrading from ArcGIS 10.2.3 to the latest 100.2.1.  The amount of time that has passed is huge so I am having to translate old ways to new ways.  I used to be able to specify the OutFields when adding a FeatureLayer to an ESRI Mapview so that only the fields I cared about would be transferred over the wire to improve performance.  How do I do that now?  I don't see a way to specify OutFields.

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I believe the only way to do this is at the service level.  When you define the service only the visible fields are available to the service and only that data would be brought across the wire.  I am not aware of a way to filter fields when creating a FeatureTable > FetaureLayer

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