How To Measure Map Refresh Time On Zoom/Pan etc?

05-24-2016 10:03 PM
Esri Contributor

Hi all,

I am developing ArcGIS Runtime Desktop App using ArcGIS Runtime SDK for DotNet. My map view has 5 dynamic map service layers and Esri Basemap.

One of the requirement of the app is to measure the refresh time of a MapView. On zoom/pan etc. I need to capture how long it took to completely refresh map. I tried to capture this by using StopWatch.Start on MapView.ExtentChanged and StopWatch.Stop on MapView.NavigationCompleted thinking it will give me correct refresh time. However, it seems that NavigationCompleted event occurs before all layers are rendered in a MapView. Is there any "RenderComplete" type event handler on a MapView? If not, what other event I could use to find map refresh times?



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