How to implement a custom display grid

02-23-2021 09:31 AM
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One of our customers has a requirement to show a display grid in Swiss coordination system LV95 ("CH1903+ LV95" or WKID 2056) or LV03 ("CH1903 LV03" or WKID 21781) in a runtime application.
The representation of a display grid is basically possible and the ArcGIS Runtime offers 4 standard grids for this purpose. All of them derive from a base class Grid, and my idea was to implement a custom grid taking a wkid and deriving from this base class, as it has:

public abstract class Grid

Unfortunately this will not work because the constructor of the base class is internal and therefore a derived class is impossible.

Is it not thought to display a custom grid? Or is there a way to do this that I'm overlooking?
Are there any plans to improve this feature?
What is the way you would recommend to achieve a custom grid?

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This is an item on our long term backlog but is not currently planned for a specific release. Your details have been added to that item to helped with prioritization during future release planning. You might want to post this request on ArcGIS Runtime Ideas where we can monitor interest in this enhancement.

In terms of alternatives, it might be possible to implement using a feature layer with text symbols / labels or perhaps with some investigation it's possible to share a custom grid as a mobile style from ArcGIS Pro and use that in conjunction with features / graphics in ArcGIS Runtime. 


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Hi Michael,

I am not allowed to post Ideas, I think this is a limitation for distributors, but I am not sure about that.

But thanks for your respond.

Kind regards, Max

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