How do I specify a valid dimension for WMTS layer?

02-14-2017 06:40 AM
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I am working against a WMTS service containing dimensions. My problem is that the WmtsLayer class uses the default  time dimension value when displaying the layer, which is usually a way into the future. I am aware that I can set DimensionValues to override this, but I have so far had trouble finding out which values I can use that are valid, as these are not easily retrieved from the layer.

What is the normal process for doing this? The API does not seem very friendly in this regard. I'm currently working with ArcGIS Runtime SDK for WPF, but it has the same API as the Runtime for .NET 10.2.7. In 100.0.0, I am not able to find the WmtsLayer - is it no longer supported?

The layer I am displaying is like this Map – Yr  (use and layer wind_10m_regional).

I want to display a slider of some kind to change the current dimension. The slider needs it's values from some source, and the value has to be a valid dimension value. If I don't assign the Layer property to the WmtsLayer class, nothing is displayed. Assigning wind_10m_regional, a layer is displayed. ServiceInfo property contains dimension values, but to access this, I need to find the WmtsServiceInfo that corresponds with my visible layer first. And then add processing to update DimensionValues based on my selection. This seems a rather tedious apporach for setting the correct dimension value. It also seems that the layer will only the using the first value specified there, even if I have a long list of possible values.

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