How can i create a raster layer with the .net runtime from geotiffs (local) ?

08-05-2015 05:05 AM
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I have a large set of geotiffs (from srtm) and want to add these data as rasterlayer(s) to a map. How can i achieve this with the runtime sdk (10.2.6) and Visual Studio 13?

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Hi Martin,

Have you tried

Using the 10.2.6 sdk samples from here..

and running the Layers->Dynamic Service Layers->Dynamic Add Data

it works for the mapview but not the 3d SceneView.  I have a ticket in for the scene problem..


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As it turns out the map pack in the 10.2.5 examples only has a boundary extent of the eastern U.S.  That means any data you try to view with it (in the scene view for some reason) is only visible on the east coast.  Once we created a map package with a boundary extent covering the entire world the geotif loaded correctly.

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