graphics in graphics overlay are blinking at random intervals

10-20-2020 01:45 AM
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I have a issue, where my graphics in graphics overlay are blinking at random intervals.

say in graphics i am using picture marker symbol. and the images of those picture marker symbols will get updated for every second.

say i have 5 graphics  with different images and these graphics will be updated every second(all 5) with same images as assigned. then after some time like 10 seconds. one graphic will blink and after some time other will blink randomly.

There will be a gap of around 4 to 8 seconds for blinking randomly, so till that  4 to 8 seconds no symbol/ graphic will blink. then afterwards it will blink for once and it will be fine after some time and it happens randomly.

Arcgisruntime .net  is being used.

tested in i7 gtx 1080 16GB RAM, i9 rtx 2060 32GB RAM - both are Dell .

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Can you a repro app? 

Or at least the code where you are:

- Creating the Graphics and assigning the Symbols (or Renderer?)

- Updating the Symbols of the Graphics

What version of the API are you using?

Is this WPF or UWP?



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