GeoView.IdentifyGraphicsOverlaysAsync in Runtime SDK 100.2.0

12-24-2017 04:21 AM
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I just updated my UWP solution to 100.2.0 .NET Runtime and I noticed a new very frustrating behaviour of GeoView.IdentifyGraphicsOverlaysAsync method.
In a 3D Map, I call “await sceneView.IdentifyGraphicsOverlaysAsync(tapPoint, 0d, false, 200)” on a SceneView Tap event.
On the 100.1.0 API the call "returned" immediatly, allowing for a quick processing (for example to select returned Graphic objects).
On the 100.2.0 API the call doesn’t return until the SceneView finish retrieving and rendering of base maps tails (I used an ArcGISTiledLayer).
You can reproduce this behaviour zooming a map and then quickly tapping on a Graphic in an GraphicsOverlay. The processing of an “await sceneView.IdentifyGraphicsOverlaysAsync(…)” inside the Tapped event handler is “stucked” until the map finish rendering, preventing a reasonable quick execution of the remaining code that depends on identified Graphics items.
Please, solve this issue or give me a workaround because it’s a blocking issue for the POC of the app I'm in charge of and may prevent future usage of ArcGIS Runtime SDK.
Thanx in advance.



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