GeoPDF support to the Runtime .NET / mobile 2020?

06-26-2020 01:44 PM
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Hi folks!  We are getting more and more requests to support GeoPDF in our Runtime based apps, whether .NET, or mobile SDK's. Basically all the wildland fire agencies are using Avenza GeoPDF to share their mapping, and it is a terrible scenario that we cannot support it on the ESRI runtime environment.

I know it wasn't in the past (some questions on 2017), but the situation os getting worst. Thanks!!!!

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Thanks for the suggestion : I've added an issue to our product roadmap to investigate support for GeoPDF.

The best place to submit enhancement requests like this is on ArcGIS Ideas. You could start by searching for existing GeoPDF requests for Runtime or search for similar requests Apps such as Collector (which are based on Runtime) and up vote these to help us prioritize (e.g. PDF basemaps for Collector).

To help us determine what that support should look like, please can you add info to an existing Idea or to your new Idea to tell us more about what functionality you need and what user workflows you need to support? e.g. read and display one or more GeoPDF documents, control visibility of individual layers within the document, select/identify vector features, export a Map as GeoPDF, etc?  



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