Export tile file get error

10-24-2018 02:33 PM
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Get error "Service does not support exporting tiles" at ExportTileCacheTask.GenerateTileCacheAndDownloadAsync call.

it worked for last two more years, but the error show up last week. any ideas?

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Which basemap are you using to export tiles? Could you check from the REST End point whether it supports "ExportTiles" capability like this service, "World_Street_Map (MapServer) "

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As Nagma Yasmin‌ mentioned, the most likely culprit is the service that you try to take offline and the change on it's offline (export tiles capability) settings. This setting is controlled through the service settings and I would guess that there has been updates / changes on the service and for some reason, they have changed this. 

If you control the service, just change this setting through the Portal/Online/Server settings. If you are using external service, contact the provider and request that being changed.