Exception when requesting Legend Information - iOS xamarin sdk

04-09-2019 12:34 AM
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I am using the Latest version of Ersi Runtime version 100.4.0 on Xamarin iOS sdk, and am trying to query and display feature layers from a feature Server.

I have an issue when trying to fetch the Legend Info from a feature server,  Although the layers are plotted fine on the map. I still receive an Exception with a 400 Error code on Every execution of the following piece of code. (while iterating through features) 

baseLayer = new ArcGISMapImageLayer(new Uri(FeatureUrl));

var layerLegends = await baseLayer.GetLegendInfosAsync();

The same code returns the legend image and other information correctly while querying Feature layers on another Map Server.  

Please find attached the Exception Log as well as the json object for the feature Layer in question. 

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