Elevation for a given map point using a MapView

05-19-2016 11:58 PM
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What is the fastest way of obtaining the elevation for a given lat/lon when using a MapView (not scene)?  I would like my elevation data to be local.  I am currently using SRTM data in tif format.  In the SceneView you can use FileElevationSource to read these directly and then call GetElevationAsync for a given map point.  I there any way to do this in the MapView?  I tried using FileElevationSource, but it threw, stating it needed to be added to a scene surface.  I'm using 10.2.7.  If this is not viable now, will this functionality be in Quartz?

Many thanks

Phil Collier.

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Any update on this with the release of Quartz?

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Thank you both for your feedback. I'll forward this feature enhancement request to our team for consideration in future release.

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I'm having the same issue. There should be a way to retrieve height information using only a MapView instance.

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The current release of ArcGIS Runtime (100.8) now includes support for identifying cell/pixel values from raster data.


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