Editing a File Geodatabase via LocalServer, can't edit attributes

11-11-2015 02:18 PM
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I am trying to edit a file geodatabase that is referenced from a map package that I load through a LocalFeatureService. The file geodatabase is not within the map package, it is referencing the file geodatabase which resides elsewhere on disk. Note that due to our workflow, using the SQLite-based .geodatabase format is not an option.

I am able to create a MapPoint and add it to the ServiceFeatureTable that represents the points that exist as a feature class in the file geodatabase. I can apply my edits and it shows up in my map and in ArcMap when the file geodatabase is loaded there.

However, I can't seem to edit attributes in code. Below is a summary of my code:

//set up our service and all tables and feature layers
LocalFeatureService _lfs = await LocalFeatureService.StartAsync(@"D:\dev\HelloWorldMap\HelloWorldMap\Assets\Data\test.mpk");
var url = _lfs.UrlFeatureService;
ServiceFeatureTable _sft = await ServiceFeatureTable.OpenAsync(new Uri(url + "/0"), null, SpatialReference.Create(3857));
_pointsLayer = new FeatureLayer
    ID = "Points",
    DisplayName = "Points",
    FeatureTable = _sft

//add the point layer to the map

//create a feature using the ServiceFeatureTable's schema...the schema shows the proper fields.
var feature = new GeodatabaseFeature(_sft.Schema); //after this line and before line 21, feature.Attributes is an empty dictionary!
var point = new MapPoint(0, 0);
feature.Geometry = point;

//add the feature to the file geodatabase
long id = await _sft.AddAsync(feature);

//At this point feature.Attributes only shows OBJECTID in the dictionary collection, and it's value is -10
//No other attributes are showing even though the feature.Schema shows all proper fields!

//oh well, let's commit anyway. After this call, the point is added 
//permanently to the geodatabase, it's OBJECTID is set as expected, and all other fields are <null>.
var editResult = await _sft.ApplyEditsAsync();
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I should add that I tried to manually recreated the Attribute key/value pairs from the schema, populate them, and commit, but that did not work. No exceptions, just the changes were ignored.

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