Dynamic height extrusion

01-11-2018 06:06 AM
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Hi folks, 

we are working on 3D scene view and use SceneProperties to code the height of Polygons. 


var renderer = new SimpleRenderer{     SceneProperties =    {         ExtrusionMode = ExtrusionMode.BaseHeight,         ExtrusionExpression = "[height]"    } };
graphic.Attributes.Add("height", height);

However, we would like to adjust the height during the runtime of an application, depending e.g. on the zoom level. How do we instruct the ArcGIS-framework to repaint the graphics on a GraphicsLayer once we've adjusted the height value? As we've got about 5000 Graphics we would like to avoid removing all graphics and create new one everytime the height changes. Is there any solution?

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It's supposed to "just work" and automatically update. Can you share an example that demonstrates the problem?

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Just realized that there might be a known bug here with polygons, and it should work with polylines.

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