Drawing a Polyline Symbol using attribute values

05-06-2019 09:05 AM
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I have to draw a very complex symbol for my point data. It has to visualize attributive data in the map by a customer defined standard they already used in the former software product.

The composite symbol consists of a marker in the middle, some text information around it and two long lines crossing each other. In the center lies the point, the lines are supposed to visualize a range and a direction. Both information should be read from the attributes and used for the representation of the lines.

In my tests I was able to draw the marker and the text information. But I do not know what's the best way to visualize the lines.

What is the best way to combine the point symbol with the line symbol? Is it the MultiLayerSymbol?

How could I visualize the line symbol based on its attributes by using ArcGIS Runtime code (Version 100.5)?

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Yes you could MultiLayerSymbol to author a symbol that has lines and points. But what you are trying to achieve in your workflow is possible when renderers uses an Arcade Expression. Note, ArcGIS Runtime SDK does not have support for authoring ArcCade expressions yet. So this should be setup in one of the ways as listed in release notes. 


  • Arcade expressions on renderers in a web map or mobile map are now honored in ArcGIS Runtime. Expressions can be used in place of raw field values on these renderers to support smart mapping styles such as Predominance, Relationships, etc. These expressions can be authored using ArcGIS Pro or the Map Viewer web application in ArcGIS Enterprise or ArcGIS Online.
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