Difference between Map Package,Tile Package, GeoPackage and Geodatabase ?

03-26-2018 09:44 PM
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Can anyone please tell me , what is the difference between tile package, map package , geo package and geodatabase ?? when to use which package . I am unable to understand from the documentation ??arcgis runtime sdk netarcgis-runtime-sdk-for-wpfarcgis@ akajanus-esristaffMBranscomb-esristaffmnielsen-esristaff

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They are essentially different file formats;

GeoPackage: An OGC Standard built on top of SQLite that can contain a set of basic vector data (features) and/or raster data.

Geodatabase: An ESRI database format containing vector data (similar to geopackage but without raster data), that's optimized for performance with the Runtime. It also contains a much more in-depth information model about the data, including advanced symbology, and can support syncing delta changes with a server.

Tile-package: A set of raster or vector tiles for efficient rendering of basemap data. The are generally only used for backdrop and doesn't contain any information about the data itself.

MapPackage: This is a package that combines tile-packages and geodatabases and thus can contain all the data needed to render a map. This simplifies distribution of map data for offline scenarios.

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My requirement is to create a basemap from set of rasters (in offline mode) and also perform operations like ShortestPath. Which package would be convenient to use , which could provide this combined functionality ?

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