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08-13-2015 01:30 PM
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Using the Class Library project type in VS 2013, I've created a WPF user control that is to be consumed by several host applications.  When I right click on the project in my solution and choose 'Add ArcGIS Runtime .NET Deployment Manifest' I receive a message stating that the 'Deployment manifest not supported for this project type.'


It works with a WPF Application project type, just not a Class Library.  Is there a work around or hack that will allow the deployment manifest to work in a Class Library project?  Or is there another way to ensure that only the necessary portions of the runtime are deployed with my assembly?

Thanks, Matt

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Deployment builder is designed to work with (most) application type projects. One of the reasons why class libraries aren't supported is that if you are creating a centralized component you need to explicitly make sure that runtime is initialized and licensed correctly.

Technically you can just create the deployment using normal wpf application and then copy the deployment folder to the same location with your applications that should work. 

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