Consuming Secure WMS service in ArcGIS Runtime for .NET

12-04-2015 05:23 AM
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I am reposting this since I cannot understand why no-one (ESRI staff) has any answer. I have also included the WMS acronym in the title hoping that  this may catch someones eye!

"We are attempting to connect to the WMS servcies from an OGC compliant server and cannot access its secured data. It has a simple User/Password system but there is no part of the API I can find to effect this.

Clearly this is supported by all other ArcGis products and I was wondering if there is either a technique for enabling this or whether there are any plans to introduce this desirable feature in the near future? - Oh, and why was it excluded?"

If anyone can help this would be great since otherwise we will have to search for another Viewer SDK

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This is not currently supported - we are working on adding this support in an upcoming release.

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Credentials was supported in version 10.2.5 of ArcGIS WPF API for WPF, but have since then disappeared. I´m unable to upgrade because of this. Please support credentials (again) soon!

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I also require secure wms support in the .Net Runtime.  We have a 10.2.4 Java Runtime App which consumes secured WMS just fine, so I'm guessing that the equivalent capability would also be present in one of the 10.2.x .Net Runtime versions.  Is this the case, if so which .Net Runtime version supports it please?

Many thanks.

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