Collision between TiledLayer and GraphicsLayer

08-01-2017 07:20 PM
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I want to use ArcGIS Runtime SDK v10.2.7 for .Net using GeoServer. But I have some problem.

my problem is collision between TiledLayer class and GraphicsLayer.

Below is my process. 

First, I received WMTS from Geoserver and convert WmtsLayer to TiledLayer.

also, I added this Tiledlayer to MyMapView. TiledLayer is used in MyMapView as Basemap.

It works well. 

Second, I received WFS from Geoserver, then I parse this service (WFS) to self-developed class.

I can receive coordinates(lat,long) and other information. it works well too.

Third, I converted Parsed class(self-developed class) to GraphicsLayer. after then, I add this GraphicsLayer to MyMapView.  It also works good.

However, I think collision between TiledLayer and GraphicsLayer happens. 

When I use Polygon type as GraphicsLayer, some coordinates don't work.

there were many trials for long time. Please reply answer about this problem.

p.s) I attach picture about right one and wrong one. some coordinates are not displayed in MapView.


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