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Hi all,

First of all, I'm a new user with ersi and I have very little knowledge of coordination Systems, spatial.

Let’s say I have a map that is 200 x 200, it’s all possible to change the Envelope of a layer (or the Map) to be X min = 0, Y min = 0, X max = 200 and Y max = 200, if not is there a way to convert the current envelope to match those criteria?

Thanks for your help.


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I'd like to start by saying that you may want to purchase and review the following book. I had the honor of sitting next to the author my first two years in Esri and I believe that this book is priceless.

Lining Up Data in ArcGIS: A Guide to Map Projections

You'll also want to read up on the following page to gain a high level understanding of Spatial References.

Spatial References

In regards to setting the extents of the map view, you would be able to create a envelope with those coordinates and set the view in the runtime application to it. Depending on the dimensions of your screen in regards to the corners of your envelope the application may resize the extents to properly fit within the screen.

You could quickly review this by going to the following sample for runtime .NET and updating it as follows.

ArcGIS Tiled Map Service Layer

     <esri:MapView x:Name="MyMapView">
          <esri:Map InitialViewpoint="0,0,200,200,3857">
               <esri:ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer ServiceUri="" />


The units will reflect the chosen coordinate system. In this case they would be Meters because I'm using the Web Mercator projection.

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Are you asking how to zoom the map to a new envelope?

Try this:

myMapView.SetViewAsync(new Envelope(-180,-85,180,85, SpatialReferences.Wgs84)); //Zoom to full world

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