ArcGIS Server Dates and Oracle

04-09-2015 03:51 PM
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We've written an app that allows for offline editing of data and syncing of that data back to an on-premise Oracle geodatabase.  We've run into what looks like a known "issue" with the way dates are handled in ArcGIS Server and offline geodatabases.  When we calculate a date field in an offline geodatabase it appears to be storing it in epoch days in the SQL Lite geodatabase.  That in and of itself is fine, but when we sync that date back to our Oracle geodatabase it looks to be incorrect when compared to other date fields that were calculated directly in the Oracle geodatabase.  I'm in Arizona so those "incorrect" dates are 7 hours off from what they should be.  I've read that this is a result of things being stored in local time.  My question is how can we ensure that dates calculated in local time on external devices appear correctly to anyone looking at those dates in Oracle after they've been synced?  Is there a server setting somewhere that will take care of that, is there something in the API we can use, or do we need to have a trigger on the Oracle table to deal with it?

Before I reinvented the wheel here I figured I'd ask and see if anyone has had to deal with this before.  I've seen similar posts concerning the Javascript API, but nothing about DOTNET.  Any help here is greatly appreciated ...

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