Arcgis deployment fails to run on windows embedded standard

10-28-2015 07:01 AM
New Contributor

I am trying to run a simple test map program on a device running windows 7 embedded.  The deployment works on a non embedded windows 7 machine, but fails to load anything to the map windows when running on the windows 7 embedded machine.

I am using the ArcGis .net SDK version 10.2.6 with visual studio 2013.

I built and deployed one of the template examples for displaying a simple map in a window.

The target device specs:

Windows Embedded Standard 32 bit

Atom Processor 1.6GHz

Memory 2GB

The form does come up with the Esri logo in the bottom left but no map is rendered.

The CPU performance initial goes to 70% when the app first launches but then goes down to 10% and idles there.

Any Thoughts?

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