API Routing Discrepancies

06-23-2020 08:58 PM
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Hi, using the .NET SDK to make a WPF application and using the API to request routes I am getting some very strange results as below. Not sure if it is specific to the maps/location I am using or if it is about how I am using it or platform specific. Any thoughts, comments or suggestions is greatly appreciated. 

Note: All of these explanations are using EXACTLY the same Start and End Points. (This is Australia Based so we drive on the LHS of the roads). 

If I use a standard route with no barriers it works fine and defines the route down the correct side of the M1 (motorway). This is defined and shown in screenshot 1. I have zoomed in on the intersection where it exits the highway to show you that it is on the correct side of the road and appears to be a normal journey.

If I now throw in some Point barriers along the M1(and surrounding South Coast area) and don't specify a new Travel Mode parameter I now get the most odd route that is something like 700km in distance via Warwick/Stanthorpe and Tenterfield and if you look through the map there is PLENTY of other options to do this short journey and avoid the barriers. This is demonstrated in Screenshot2(Zoomed out overview) and Screenshot3 (close up of same exit from highway).

Now if I define a special TravelMode in the portal Under Settings, Utilty Services, Directions and Routing and do the route again with Barriers and using the new Travel Mode I get a route that is sending me down the wrong side of the highway. Screenshot4 shows a close up of the exit showing it completely different to Screenshot1.

Through Trial and error, I found the setting I need to change in the Travel Mode to stop it doing the trip out to Warwick/Stanthorpe etc. and that is to change Driving an Automobile from Prohibited (default) to Prefer Medium or Off all together.

I have a very small simple EXE I can give link to if anyone wants to experience it for themselves and/or test locations in your own regions that you know where the route should be taking you. 

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