Alter Table with ArcGIS Runtime

05-06-2015 05:49 AM
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Hi to all , im new on ArcGIS Runtime , i would like to ask you if is possible to alter table structure of data ( .geodatabase or geodatabase inside .mpk ) or if exist a workaround to do that.

If you know there will be the options to open natively file.gdb with ArcGIS runtime too ?

Thanks in advanced


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Hi PG,

as fas as I know is this not possible from the SDK. This would also make no sense especially in the case of the .geodatabase content, since it would need to be sync'd back to the server (or is not even writable when created from the desktop).

For a MPK this isn't possible either, since the SDK works over an REST API similar to the one used by the server. An there are not options to alter the schema of the database.

There are workarounds to this problem, but I'm not sure if it's wise to do it. What's your use case for this requirement?

cheers, Chris

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Hi Chris,

thks for answer , i was looking about a desktop application ( no syncronization at moment ) made with runtime. I dont want to use arcgis engine If not possible i'll look at other solution (for ex. SDK for arcgis pro).

Regards Giorgio

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