10.2.4 InteractionOptions - Zoom and Rotate?

10-14-2014 01:25 AM
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In 10.2.3, Right click to zoom is enabled by default. Middle click allowed me to rotate the map.

In 10.2.4, even after enabling Rotation and Zooming via the InteractionOptions, I am no longer able to perform either action. Is there any way to re-enable the 10.2.3 behaviours?

XAML InteractionOptions Snippet




                            <esri:ZoomOptions IsEnabled="True" IsDoubleTappedEnabled="True" IsZoomBoxEnabled="False" IsMouseWheelEnabled="True" IsPinchEnabled="True" IsTwoFingerTapEnabled="True" IsKeyboardEnabled="False" />


                        <esri:InteractionOptions.RotationOptions >

                            <esri:RotationOptions IsEnabled="True" />



                            <esri:PanOptions IsEnabled="True" IsDragEnabled="True" IsFlickEnabled="True" IsKeyboardEnabled="True" />




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Esri Frequent Contributor

Right-click interaction is not available out of the box and has been reserved for custom app usage (context menus or whatever interaction you would like to build from it, like rotate for instance)

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Thanks, is there any documentation out there which describes what keys / gestures will trigger rotation and zooming when the ZoomOptions and RotationOptions are enabled?

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