SketchEditor unsupported shapes in ArcGIS Java SDK (100.6)

01-19-2020 10:38 PM
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So i've been working on a map related desktop application (in JavaFX) using ArcGIS Java SDK 100.6.0. I want to draw certain shapes on the map and save them. I've seen the documentation and as far as i know they provide a SketchEditor class for drawing on map. The class object allows me to draw freehand, polylines and polygons on the map. My application requires a complete drawing feature to draw various shapes. This class does not allow me to draw squares, rectanlges, circles. My question is that how can i draw these shapes on my mapview. Has anyone ever come up with any idea to draw shapes apart from the SketchEditor's available ones. I've seen that the C# API supports a variety of them but it's not the same with Java.

I've found a workaround for circle from this link:


Now the shapes that i want to add are rectangle/square. I hope someone can share their workaround for this logic and that in future update we get support for these shapes in the runtime SDKs.

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