Is it possible to toggle symbols and text On/Off on an ENC Layer

08-11-2020 12:55 AM
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Hello ArcGIS Community,

I've been working on a java desktop application which heavily utilizes and relies on the ArcGIS Java runtime SDK 100.7.0. As you may know, we can add Electronic Navigation Charts (ENC) Layers on the map view. I noticed when we add an ENC Layer on the map, every symbol and text element is displayed with it and stays rendered while zooming in or out on the map view. I want to know if there is a way to make only a specific set of symbols or text appear on the chart, so that we can make the chart look simpler and apply filters on it to make specific symbols or text appear when i toggle them On Or when the view's zoomed in on the chart. I'd like to maintain a list of each element and create toggles for each element. How do i achieve this ?

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