Random crashes due to a null pointer exception

07-05-2021 02:49 AM
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After upgrading to ArcGIS Runtime 100.10 we're experiencing randomly occurring crashes caused by an unhandled/undetected null point exception in ArcGIS.

The exception occurs in the RTCViewpoint.m on line 98 according to the Xcode trace:


ArcGIS`-[RTCViewpoint initWithTargetExtent:]:
    0x101f4110c <+0>:  stp    x20, x19, [sp, #-0x20]!
    0x101f41110 <+4>:  stp    x29, x30, [sp, #0x10]
    0x101f41114 <+8>:  add    x29, sp, #0x10            ; =0x10 
    0x101f41118 <+12>: mov    x19, x0
    0x101f4111c <+16>: adrp   x8, 16933
    0x101f41120 <+20>: ldr    x1, [x8, #0xe48]
    0x101f41124 <+24>: mov    x0, x2
    0x101f41128 <+28>: bl     0x104d75fd4               ; symbol stub for: objc_msgSend
    0x101f4112c <+32>: mov    x1, #0x0
    0x101f41130 <+36>: bl     0x102217aa0               ; RT_Viewpoint_createWithExtent
->  0x101f41134 <+40>: cbz    x0, 0x101f41150           ; <+68> at RTCViewpoint.m:98:12
    0x101f41138 <+44>: mov    x2, x0
    0x101f4113c <+48>: adrp   x8, 16933
    0x101f41140 <+52>: ldr    x1, [x8, #0xe40]
    0x101f41144 <+56>: mov    x0, x19
    0x101f41148 <+60>: bl     0x104d75fd4               ; symbol stub for: objc_msgSend
    0x101f4114c <+64>: mov    x19, x0
    0x101f41150 <+68>: bl     0x104d75ff8               ; symbol stub for: objc_retain
    0x101f41154 <+72>: mov    x20, x0
    0x101f41158 <+76>: mov    x0, x19
    0x101f4115c <+80>: bl     0x104d75fec               ; symbol stub for: objc_release
    0x101f41160 <+84>: mov    x0, x20
    0x101f41164 <+88>: ldp    x29, x30, [sp, #0x10]
    0x101f41168 <+92>: ldp    x20, x19, [sp], #0x20
    0x101f4116c <+96>: ret    


 with the following error message in the console log:


ArcGIS Runtime Error Occurred. Set a breakpoint on C++ exceptions to see the original callstack and context for this error:  Error Domain=com.esri.arcgis.runtime.error Code=1 "Null pointer." UserInfo={NSLocalizedFailureReason=object cannot be null., NSLocalizedDescription=Null pointer., Additional Message=object cannot be null.}


Can anyone help me with this issue or has seen similar behaviour?

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Hi Raphael, did you try the latest (100.11.2) sdk? Also, RTCViewpoint.m - is that really ESRI's code? I´m not an ESRI dev, but usually they prefix everything with AGS :)

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Esri Contributor

Hello, sorry to hear you are having a problem.  What is your app doing when the crash occurs?  If you have sample code or a sequence of steps which reproduces the problem, that would help in determining why the "null pointer" exception happens.

I would also recommend what @kris suggests:  upgrading to the latest SDK (100.11.2).  (RTCViewpoint.m is our code.) 

Lastly, what version of Xcode/iOS are you using when the crash occurs?


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