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pod installation timeout & module not found manually

12-26-2018 08:01 PM
New Contributor

I have been frustrating at setting up argis runtime sdf for ios on my xcode. Firstly I use pod to install but after running pod install one minute, it show me "failed to connect to port 443 : operation timed out", alright then i switched to install manually, I downloaded arcgis starter app and opened it, i found the bundle file was red (missed), maybe the path is not right. I tried to relocate the file where it install on, but xcode warm me that no such module arcgis. It even try to remove and re-add  the bundle file. The problem still exists. It bloody drive me crazy!! Anybody helps me?  

my environment is macOS 10.14.2, xcode 10.1, swift development target 10.0

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Richard,

I'm not sure which steps you are following to install SDK using CocoaPods or manually. I would suggest following steps outlined in the Install and set up—ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS.

If I follow the steps, I'm not seeing the error `Failed to connect to`. Could you please try again?

Please let me know if you still see an issue.

Hope this helps!



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