ios feature query geometry with z and m

06-21-2017 12:08 PM
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I'm using ArcGIS iOS sdk 100.0.0 and I can't figure out how to include the z and m dimensions on the geometries returned with the features from a query. anyone know how to do that?

I've got a AGSFeatureServiceTable and the AGSQueryParameters with a where clause working.

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The 'm' and 'z' values should be returned automatically if you have `returnGeometry` set to true on the query parameters (true is the default value for returnGeometry).  You should also make sure that the feature service you are querying supports `m` and `z` values.  For example, this one does not (look for the `hasM` and `hasZ` properties):

Layer: Facilities (ID: 0) 

But this one does have `z` but not `m`:

Layer: C2 Military Operations Point (ID: 3) 


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