Excess mapView.drawStatus events dispatched when locationDisplay is ON?

03-13-2019 04:56 AM
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Hi, I have a map, built with api version 100.4.0. And I have loading indicator on it which hides when mapView.loadStatus is .completed and shows in "else" clause.

If I don't use locationDisplay, everything is fine, but the problem appears when I use locationDisplay. It seems whenever locationDisplay gets a new location, mapView.loadStatus changes it's value and my loading indicator shows-hides-shows continuously despite the fact I am staying in one position and that blue GPS dot on map is not wandering! That's very annoying.

Is it a know bug? Is it a stupid feature?

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Esri Contributor

Can you provide a simple reproducible case? We do not see this in our testing. You will get location changed notifications when the location changes. And location changes happen once a second. The device is constantly getting location updates, even if you are standing still, the location can change by fractions of a degree).

How are you listening for updates? With KVO? If it's with KVO - what are you key values are you observing exactly?

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