Navigation from Mobile Map - Stop unlocated error.

12-03-2020 09:49 PM
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I had the idea to use this sample with a mobile map.

I get to the part where I generate a route and then get a strange error that I don't understand.

java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: com.esri.arcgisruntime.ArcGISRuntimeException: Stop "Unnamed (Index = 0)" is unlocated.
Stop "Unnamed (Index = 1)" is unlocated.

Stop "Unnamed (Index = 2)" is unlocated

I have no idea what they mean by unlocated. I think they are located just fine. I gave exact GPS coordinates for these three stops.

So is having a "locator" that can have some pretty name for all these location mandatory?

What if I don't care if they have pretty names?

In create the dataset tutorial, I don't think it even mentions a locator, much less say that they are mandatory for directions.


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Can we just confirm that you're using a transportation network dataset packaged up in a mobile map package (MMPK)?

That error usually means that the network dataset can't locate a street edge nearby. If you published the MMPK yourself, are you sure the network dataset was published for the area you're routing in?

If you're just using the sample with your own mobile map for display only (and not for providing its own network dataset), then be aware that sample's network dataset only covers the San Diego area. For global coverage,  you should use the world routing service (we don't use that in samples because it consumes credits).

Does that help?

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