Add esri layer to Google map on Android App

09-15-2015 07:16 AM
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I have my Android App with Google maps, my esri layers and the esri SDK for Android.

Can I show my esri layers on the Google Maps for Android?

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What types of 'esri layer' are you trying to add?  Google Maps Android API does not support direct Esri data formats, e.g. shapefile, but you can added Google data types to ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android, below is a sample of added a KML layer:

  // Retrieve the map and initial extent from XML layout
  mMapView = (MapView)findViewById(;

  // Create a new KML Layer
  SpatialReference sr = SpatialReference.create(102100);
  KMLLayer kmlLayer = new KMLLayer(url, sr);

  // Add KML Layer to MapView;

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