Slow Scene pan/rotate starting in v100.8.0+

09-08-2020 03:05 PM
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Since moving to 100.8.0 (tried 100.9.0 as well) the update rate of the Scene is noticeably slower on various Android tablets (Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, S7, Active Pro, etc). I also noticed that the ArcGIS samples are also slower now. The S4 is running Android 10.

When switching only the library back to 100.7.0 then panning, rotating and zooming is smooth again.

Here is a short video that demonstrates the issues and shows the difference between 100.8.0/100.9.0 in the first 10 secs and 100.7.0 in the remaining 9 secs:

I can downgrade but there is one feature in the newer versions which I'd really like to keep if possible.



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Just to provide some more info on this, if you fling the map it pans the map smoothly. If you drag the map then it stutters.

Will this issue be noticed here and hopefully corrected in the next release, do I need to open a support ticket or is there a better way of handling this? 

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