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09-03-2019 12:39 PM
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I am drawing graphics offline based on user's geometry selection, I sync it to ESRI when online, with the required fields in ESRI.

Now, when I tap on any of these geometries I want to retrieve the saved fields from ESRI, how do I do this !

If I had a geodatabase I would have got these fields as part of attributes. But, with graphic how do I achieve this !

I see in JS SDK they have InfoTemplate that does this magic, I don't see similar tool for Android SDK.

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Hi Devendra,

The ArcGIS Runtime SDK does not support syncing graphics to ArcGISOnline, only features can be synced to/from a feature service. Features are rendered using a FeatureLayer which is backed by a FeatureTable. The FeatureTable gives you access to its fields as well as the ability to query features and their attributes. You can also get hold of features via an identify operation on your GeoView.

Some more info related to taking features offline and syncing:
Work offline—ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android | ArcGIS for Developers 

Let us know if this doesn't help answering your question.


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Thanks Gunther,

I read about Graphics and Features and how they are different.

Features and graphics—ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android | ArcGIS for Developers 

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