Missing Android Sdk Example for using Client_Id and Client_Secret

08-16-2019 07:55 AM
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Dear community,

The question is quite simple. Is the Android SDK for the latest ArcGis Android Sdk version 100.5 supporting app login with client_id and client_secret without the OAuth dialog. I would appreciate here to get a yes or no answer to avoid confusions that happened by the answers given in the already asked question in 2018 where the answer doesn't clearly takes position to the question.

In our use case we want to use the ExportTileCacheTask to download an imagery tpk file for offline usage. We managed to do it by username and password and OAuth Login dialog but the most interesting scenario with the client_secret using the Android SDK is still absolutely unclear. The documentation in this regard has also a link cycle implemented which doesn't answer the question of how this is done.

Your help and support is highly required. Even a no that it is currently not possible with the Android SDK would help a lot for our planning.

Best regards,


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