LocationDisplay not compatible with Android Location

02-21-2019 02:40 PM
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Am noticing that with the 100.4 LocationDisplay there is no longer a way to retrieve the number of satellites without setting up a separate Android location listener.  
10.2.9 returns an Android Location
Location location= mMapView.getLocationDisplayManager().getLocation();
100.4 returns and ESRI location
com.esri.arcgisruntime.location.LocationDataSource.Location wgsLocation = mMapView.getLocationDisplay().getLocation();
The problem is that I want to get the number of satellites which the ESRI location method does not appear to support...The code below is run on a timer to update the number of satellites from the getLocation code mentioned above.  
For example in 10.2.9..
Bundle sats = location.getExtras();
int x = sats.getInt("satellites");
Yes I could have an Android location listener and and ESRI location listener but this seems awfully redundant... 
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