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Issue while clicking on feature layer feature

05-09-2024 12:17 AM
New Contributor II


I have implemented multiple feature layer in single map now trying to get data after clicking on feature, But unable to get data. If someone knows how two get click feature information if implemented multiple layers

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Esri Contributor

Check out the sample code for feature layer selection:

The GeoView supports two methods of identify: identifyLayerAsync(...), which identifies features within a specific layer and identifyLayersAsync(...), which identifies features for all layers in the current view.

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Thanks for your reply. I tried the same but was unable to get details. I have 8-feature layer and using Arcgisimagemap to inflate it all together now want to edit and get data after selecting point , line, etc. Now after selecting point and line unable to get data from feature table (layers I have 0 to 😎

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