What are the (functional) limitations of an app login?

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07-25-2023 07:28 AM
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I noticed that when I use an app login (with client ID and secret), there are some limitations, as compared to a user login. Where can I find documentation of these limitations?



  • Can only access items in ArcGIS that are owned by the user that created the app
  • Cannot share items
  • Cannot search groups (?)
  • more?
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Do you also know if there are restrictions on accessing FeatureServices by an AppID? I published a featureservice from an Enterprise geodatabase to our portal, but can only query it when I use a token created for a user, not for an app. (The response is "Invalid Token"). The app and the FeatureService have the same owner.

I also noticed that it is possible for an app to access hosted featurelayers on arcgis.com, so it looks like there are some differences there.


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