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how to enable longtitude n latitude coordinate search in web feature service

11-03-2014 03:38 AM
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hi guys,

I have a question here about how to enable longtitude n latitude coordinate search in web feature service, maybe the title fails to convey the meaning, let me explain a little bit. arcgis server converts geographic coordinate system to projected coordinate system when it is about to publish web service, instead of getting the x,y coordinates in projected coordinate system (which i havent figured out how to solve) in the published feature service, how do i get the coordinates in longtitude/latitude form?


i got myself a solution which seems to be the most plain n silly yet hasnt been tested, maybe i could add longtitude/latitude coordinates when i am editting the feature class's attribute table in arcmap,  i dont know how doable it is.


any information is welcome, pls comment below.




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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Alison,

You can run the Add XY Coordinates tool on your feature class before you publish it as a feature service.  If your data is not in a geographic coordinate system, be sure to go into Environments > Output Coordinates, and specify the geographic coordinate system there.

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If you published the data you can make a REST request and specify the outSR parameter to get the coordinates in the spatial reference you want.

At the other side there is the geocoding service by Esri the is used standard in web maps, web applications, etc. When you specify lon, lat coords in decimal degrees it will locate the point.

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