Report missing address (auto-complete feature) to ArcGIS

12-20-2018 12:35 AM
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How can I report missing address to ArcGIS?

I have picture with gmap:

from google map

and from ArcGIS online map

Can I submit this to ArcGIS to ask for an updating of data?

Thanks a lot

Duong Nguyen

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Esri Contributor

Hi Duong,

There's a feedback map for reporting mistakes in the Topographic Basemap:

Topographic Map Feedback - 

There's also a feedback map for reporting errors with the World Geocoding Service, and since the mistake in the Basemap means there's nothing to find in the Search using the World Geocoding Service, it's probably a good idea to report here as well:

Geocoding Feedback - 

I'd recommend adding the discrepancy to both.

Good catch!

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