Map Background colour does not display when published as a dynamic service??

11-18-2010 10:06 AM
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Hi guys,

I have a Dynamic map service running where I used the MXD document???s Frame>Background property to set the colour for the map background (i.e. the sea) to blue.

When I load the service in a JavaScript API Viewer of even a WPF API based application, the ???sea??? colour does not display, so it comes out either white (in the case of the JS viewer) or black (in the case of the WPF Application).

When I change the service type to cached, the ???sea??? background colour does render.

Any suggestions why this would happen?

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Esri Contributor
The exportMap request from the Javascript app is likely setting the background to be transparent (transparent="true")
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Hi Ravi,

Thanks for your reply. I do include the transparent=false option when requesting the image - BUT

After some deeper investigation, it actually pans out that the problem came in with the hill shade image that I used as a backdrop: the image was not clipped at the sea borders, so it showed the image "white" overflow. After I set this right, the image exported correctly.

Sorry for this. At the end it was user error :rolleyes:

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