How to get variables CRMCYTOTC and AADTV from the REST API

08-30-2016 12:34 AM
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Hi, community!

I'm looking for ways to get 2 info about 2 variables: CRMCYTOTC (source: Crime Indexes, Crime Indexes—Esri Demographics | ArcGIS ) and AADTV (source: Traffic Counts, Traffic Counts—Esri Demographics | ArcGIS ).

I cannot find these variables with standard variable search query /arcgis/rest/services/World/GeoenrichmentServer/GetVariables/execute?sourceCountry=US&searchText=<variable code> 

Whether and how is it possible to enrich data with these variables?


EDIT: What I've learnt so far is that I can get closer with using MapServer instead of GeoenrichmentServer. From there I can get variable definitions at least but not their values. Any idea how to get values of Crime Index from Map Server for different geographies?

EDIT 2: After playing around with the REST API for half a day a found out that the following works for me:


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