Get access to services from Application

03-07-2019 03:24 AM
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I'm developing server-side application which is going to retrieve and process list of layers.

I use https://<rootUrl>/ArcGIS/rest/services?token=<token> as an endpoint for getting services.

If I do it from my browser using token I got during sign-in I can see a full list services.

I created an Application in order to do that job automatically.

Problem is:

I get token using received from with body:

body.add("client_id", clientId);
body.add("client_secret", clientSecret);
body.add("grant_type", "client_credentials");

If I use that token I receive the list containing only services shared to everyone and there are much less Items in the list.


How to autorize my application to access the same layers that I can do being logged in using my credentials?

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