generate a token with arcgis server url

4 weeks ago
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in 10.3 server some of my apps configured to get token from httpGet

with these sample format url, i used to generate token by passing values,

recently we upgraded to 10.8 enterprise portal architecture

the message i get is "HTTP GET is disabled"

from this page Enable token acquisition through an HTTP GET request—ArcGIS Server | Documentation for ArcGIS Enterp... , i added " "allowHttpGet": "true"" and updated the token.

after that, i get result as below

Any suggestions please, for generating tokens, with the rest api, am trying to use it in c#


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For security reasons, you would not want the username and password appended to the URL and sent unsecured as is the case for a get request.  Look in your documentation on how to generate a post request.

For reference: HTTP Methods GET vs POST