Find Task "contains" parameter default value - bug?

03-22-2015 07:01 AM
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I'm using Runtime's Find Task in order to find all features in a map service layer containing a specified string.

According to documentation the default value of FindParameters.Contains parameter is true (i.e. search is performed for a partial and not exact match).

In practice, however, the search is always performed for an exact match - whetherFindParameters.Contains is set to either true or false.

After "sniffing" the actual REST URL generated by the task, I think I found the problem.

When FindParameters.Contains is set to true - the generated REST URL doesn't have the "contains" URL parameter at all, because it assumes the default value of true.

Unfortunately, REST API (at least in ArcGIS Server version 10.2.2 that I'm currently using) for Map Service's Find method falsely assumes the default value of false, contrary to its own documentation.

Is this a bug in 10.2.2?

Is there any workaround for this issue, except generating my own REST "find" request and parsing the results (from JSON)?



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