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06-20-2014 06:34 AM
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The API at https://server.arcgisonline.com/arcgis/rest/services is still at version 10.2, on which I don't know how to utilize the ExportTile, a new feature brought by 10.2.1. I am wondering when the API server will be updated.

Or instead, how to use ExportTile without it for Android? I have an Android App for digital field work. I want to include the ExportTile feature in next release.

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I have the same issue with iOS. I found an example App from github (arcgis-runtime-samples-ios/DownloadTileCacheSample/DownloadTileCacheSample/ViewController.m at maste...) and it worked pretty well with the example URL. I had generated tiles on my ArcGIS-Server and I can view them on my App (cached data are accessible through browser and my App). Further I checked the option "Allow clients to export cache tiles" for my tiled MapService.

What I want:

- Save tiles on iOS device (iPhone).

What i did:

- I am using the Object AGSExportTileCacheTask to estimate the download size (Method: "[tileCacheTask estimateTileCacheSizeWithParameters:params status:...]" )

- First i get the status "1" (two times) and then 4294967295 (ULONG_MAX). The ULONG_MAX status repeats for ever.

- On Server side I get the Message: "Found Number of tiles to Export = 27 Average Tile size: 146,162000 Total Tiles sized: 0,000000"

I requested the levels 6 and 7. They are both available and show by the app. But I can't export them. Did i miss something?

Has anyone an idea?

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