Echo features in a hosted Feature Layer using REST API &

01-11-2019 07:24 AM
New Contributor
Hi. I'm new to the ArcGIS Rest API (and REST APIs). I've poured over the internet to try to get started but I'm getting it. In summary using (but not the .net SDK), I want to iterate through all my hosted Feature Layers and simply echo all the attribute and geometry/geogrphy values to my console screen. (Once I've got this done I can process the values and optionally store them in to my SQL Server dataabase.)
Here's an example of one of my Feature Layers
with a URL of
I have a developer account with ESRI, my company has a 'portal' / subscription with ArcGIS Online (
I have a feeling that I have to use the following REST end points(?)
but I don't know the detail to get me started.
Appreciate any help.
Regards, Neil
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